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July 30th, 2017

SOUND OFF 506 talks about Jon Jones calling out Brock Lesnar at last night's UFC show and Brock's response... Battleground or Fast Lane for worst PPV of 2017... WWE issues an interesting survey asking fans about their favorite stars from New Japan, GFW and Lucha Underground... rumors of another Superstar Shakeup and what moves I would make, including moving some names down to NXT... why, despite the rumors, WWE isn't moving Raw or Smackdown to the network or Facebook anytime soon... how I would handle a Shield reunion and who should turn heel from it... an INCREDIBLE story involving Braun Strowman and Karen Jarrett that has to be heard to be believed... a mixed showing for Jason Jordan on Raw and what WWE needs to avoid doing again or risk killing their entire storyline... setting up a possible turn for Sasha Banks and how ass backwards it is for her not to be wrestling Alexa Bliss at Summerslam... Randy Orton's horrible streak of PPV matches... giving away John Cena vs. Shinsuke Nakamura on TV this week, why it doesn't anger me but there's plenty about it that's ridiculous... Madusa disappoints and pulls the old Tweet and Delete... the latest in the battle between Anthem and the Hardys, and why it's time for Matt Hardy to come up with a creative Plan B for his TV persona... MORE G1 CLIMAX COVERAGE, including thoughts on the very polarizing Kenny Omega vs. Toru Yano match... how would Roman Reigns fare in NEW JAPAN?... a question about the 1993 WWF Women's tournament... does Vickie Guerrero belong in the WWE Hall of Fame?... and why King of the Ring 1995 is truly one of the worst WWE shows of all time.

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Sound Off Extra - JUSTIN ROBERTS Talks Backstage WWE and More!

July 25th, 2017

On this special SOUND OFF EXTRA, Solomonster is joined by former WWE ring announcer JUSTIN ROBERTS for a nearly 75-MINUTE INTERVIEW talking about his new book and the highs and lows of his 12 years working for WWE. We cover a lot of ground here, including:

*Meeting a young CM Punk on the independent scene
*Being a fan of the original GLOW show and thoughts on the new Netflix series
*The biggest misconception about the role of ring announcer in WWE
*Howard Finkel's influence on him in his early days in WWE
*Why he absolutely loved his time on the ECW brand
*The Nexus invasion on Raw and Daniel Bryan's firing
*What it was like being ringside when Undertaker's streak was broken
*The truth about the bullying culture behind the scenes in WWE
*What it's like working for Vince McMahon and all of his imaginary rules
*Triple H not liking him and how things may change when he takes over
*Stories about working for KEVIN DUNN!
*The "suggestion box" in the Gorilla position backstage
*Why the talent are really employees even though they're not classified as such
*Why he was relieved to get his WWE release


July 23rd, 2017

SOUND OFF 505 has WWE BATTLEGROUND PREDICTIONS, Shane McMahon crash lands into the ocean, evil foreign heels leading the Smackdown brand, rumors of a Brock Lesnar return to UFC and why WWE should absolutely sign Lesnar to a new contract next year, Jason Jordan revealed as Kurt Angle's illegitimate son, why it doesn't have to be career suicide for Jordan despite how stupid it is, evaluating the state of the WWE BRAND SPLIT one year later and why it's a mixed bag, the five-year anniversary of Raw moving to three hours and the undeniable damage it has done to the product, Alberto El Patron no longer under investigation, why Paige could be terminated by WWE and the alarming photo of her circulating online, GFW's updated talent contracts and taking 100 percent of their own merchandise sales, COVERAGE OF NEW JAPAN'S G1 CLIMAX including some outstanding matches and the BRUTAL MURDER of Daryl Takahashi, Jim Cornette wins for Sad Tweet, reading a letter from a listener very upset about my comments about Vince McMahon, the death of Bruiser Brody 29 years after his murder, BUY OR SELL on Triple H or Seth Rollins as the better performer pre-injury, an announcement about our next meetup over Summerslam weekend and more.

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July 16th, 2017

SOUND OFF 504 has thoughts on the trainwreck that is Paige and Alberto El Patron, why she needs to be responsible for her own decisions, GFW "suspends" El Patron, a rant on VINCE MCMAHON being outed as the reason why Talking Smack was canceled and what a bone-headed decision it is, a spoiler-free rundown of all the participants in the Mae Young Classic, Kurt Angle's BIG REVEAL on Raw this week and what it could be, the fantastic segment with Brock Lesnar on Raw last Monday and why Roman Reigns felt like the fourth wheel out there, why it must be a Fatal 4-Way for the title at Summerslam and who should win, setting up The Shield against The Balor Club, the latest on the BROKEN battle between Anthem and the Hardys (including how close they were to a deal and how much the Hardys were willing to pay for the trademark), why the U.S. title has overtaken the WWE title on Smackdown, a former ROH champion makes his NXT debut, Triple H invites Mayweather/McGregor to Raw and how best to use them if they were to accept, Miesha Tate expresses interest in going to WWE and more.

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July 9th, 2017

SOUND OFF 503 talks about a very eventful FRIDAY that saw Austin Aries released by WWE, AJ Styles win the U.S. title from Kevin Owens and DIXIE CARTER announced for her WWE Network debut. What may have led to Aries' departure and what his future may hold, the fatal flaws of the cruiserweight division, why AJ beating Owens at a house show to win the U.S. title is a good thing, Dixie being interviewed for a Kurt Angle documentary and how she could fit in to his ongoing storyline on Raw, thoughts from NIGHT 2 of New Japan's G1 Special from the USA and the MVP of the show, Tama Tonga ROASTS Jim Ross and Josh Barnett, WWE data leak leaves up to 3 MILLION fans exposed, GREAT BALLS OF FIRE PREDICTIONS, Rusev returns and runs right into John Cena, thoughts on Naomi's new GLOW belt, WWE edits the best part of the rap battle from Smackdown, Luke Harper's SAD TWEET, praise for Slammiversary, why Alberto El Patron needs to focus less on WWE and more on being GFW champion, Ring of Honor moves to CHARGE! TV, TOPANGA gets her photo taken with Lio Rush, why Okada should NOT GO to WWE, Victoria denied entry to the WWE locker room, why Vince McMahon never took back Lex Luger, plans for Brock Lesnar had he stayed after Wrestlemania 20 and more.

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July 2nd, 2017

SOUND OFF 502 has a FULL REVIEW of Night 1 of New Japan's G1 Special on AXSTV with dissention in Bullet Club, BILLY GUNN AND TANAHASHI, and a rough night on commentary for Jim Ross. Plus, thoughts on GLOW on Netflix and why every wrestling fan should watch it, breaking in with Donald Trump's wrestling tweet and what role Vince McMahon would best serve in his cabinet, a MAJOR CHANGE rumored for the Summerslam main event and how it affects next year's Wrestlemania, why Samoa Joe needs to win the Universal title, the trainwreck that was Miz TV with LAVAR BALL AND SONS and WWE forced to issue a statement apologizing for it, three straight women's main events on WWE TV this week and ranking them from best to worst, a possible double turn in the feud with Lana and Naomi, pitching a Cena vs. Nakamura match for Summerslam, Kairi Hojo gets a new name and might be keeping her elbowdrop after all, IMPACT WRESTLING IS DEAD as Anthem acquires Global Force Wrestling and Jeff Jarrett gets his long-awaited TV deal, Scott Steiner suggests that WWE put its Hall of Fame ON THE MOON and makes a crack about Savage and Stephanie, a sad update on Matt Cappotelli, Wrestlemania in St. Louis, James Hetfield reacts to Hulk Hogan's Metallica claims, the story of THE MIDNIGHT RIDER, The Messiah gets his THUMB cut off in a home invasion in 2002, a story about my chat this week with the former CEO of Marvel, my favorite band and song of all time, thoughts on The Sopranos and more.

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