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SOUND OFF 502 has a FULL REVIEW of Night 1 of New Japan's G1 Special on AXSTV with dissention in Bullet Club, BILLY GUNN AND TANAHASHI, and a rough night on commentary for Jim Ross. Plus, thoughts on GLOW on Netflix and why every wrestling fan should watch it, breaking in with Donald Trump's wrestling tweet and what role Vince McMahon would best serve in his cabinet, a MAJOR CHANGE rumored for the Summerslam main event and how it affects next year's Wrestlemania, why Samoa Joe needs to win the Universal title, the trainwreck that was Miz TV with LAVAR BALL AND SONS and WWE forced to issue a statement apologizing for it, three straight women's main events on WWE TV this week and ranking them from best to worst, a possible double turn in the feud with Lana and Naomi, pitching a Cena vs. Nakamura match for Summerslam, Kairi Hojo gets a new name and might be keeping her elbowdrop after all, IMPACT WRESTLING IS DEAD as Anthem acquires Global Force Wrestling and Jeff Jarrett gets his long-awaited TV deal, Scott Steiner suggests that WWE put its Hall of Fame ON THE MOON and makes a crack about Savage and Stephanie, a sad update on Matt Cappotelli, Wrestlemania in St. Louis, James Hetfield reacts to Hulk Hogan's Metallica claims, the story of THE MIDNIGHT RIDER, The Messiah gets his THUMB cut off in a home invasion in 2002, a story about my chat this week with the former CEO of Marvel, my favorite band and song of all time, thoughts on The Sopranos and more.

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