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Sound Off Extra - JUSTIN ROBERTS Talks Backstage WWE and More!


On this special SOUND OFF EXTRA, Solomonster is joined by former WWE ring announcer JUSTIN ROBERTS for a nearly 75-MINUTE INTERVIEW talking about his new book and the highs and lows of his 12 years working for WWE. We cover a lot of ground here, including:

*Meeting a young CM Punk on the independent scene
*Being a fan of the original GLOW show and thoughts on the new Netflix series
*The biggest misconception about the role of ring announcer in WWE
*Howard Finkel's influence on him in his early days in WWE
*Why he absolutely loved his time on the ECW brand
*The Nexus invasion on Raw and Daniel Bryan's firing
*What it was like being ringside when Undertaker's streak was broken
*The truth about the bullying culture behind the scenes in WWE
*What it's like working for Vince McMahon and all of his imaginary rules
*Triple H not liking him and how things may change when he takes over
*Stories about working for KEVIN DUNN!
*The "suggestion box" in the Gorilla position backstage
*Why the talent are really employees even though they're not classified as such
*Why he was relieved to get his WWE release

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