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December 25th, 2016

It's the SOUND OFF CHRISTMAS SHOW and the longest Sound Off ever at over THREE HOURS with a look at the Top 10 WWE Matches of 2016 and a Year in Review look at the biggest events of the year, plus handing out awards for Superstar of the Year and PPV of the Year among others, poll results for the BEST and WORST Raw shows of the year, rumors of a Women's Royal Rumble and why it's a bad idea, Smackdown brings the attitude, pitching the FINAL FOUR for the Royal Rumble and who should win the entire thing, thoughts on CM Punk giving away his WWE title, the NXT star Jerry Lawler should manage if he signs a talent contract, should WWE bring Raw or Smackdown back to a dome, the grossest thing you've ever seen in pro wrestling, who was the best transitional WWE champion of all time, BUY OR SELL on Hulk Hogan or Shawn Michaels as the greatest heel turn ever, and tons more.  Here's to fantastic new year!

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December 18th, 2016

SOUND OFF 474 opens with ROADBLOCK PREDICTIONS and spends the next hour talking NEWS before even getting into New Day breaking Demolition's record, a rant on Dolph Ziggler, Zack Ryder's injury, thoughts on TOTAL NONSTOP DELETION and all the rest. Lots of discussion about WWE's upcoming UK tournament, Nigel McGuinness finally making it to WWE, why Ring of Honor should be very worried, what WWE may REALLY be up to with all of this, the president of New Japan offers his own theory, Brock Lesnar fined and suspended for his UFC 200 drug test failures, where things stand with Chris Hero and WWE, addressing the controversy over New Day's #BlackExcellence hashtag and Kevin Owens heeling it up on a 7-year old boy, Alberto Del Rio beats up a ninja turtle, the TNA talent that WWE may be interested in bringing back, should Miz get another run with the WWE title, matches that turned out to be surprisingly great, and the absurdity of DEER GATE here in New York where the mayor and the governor each have Bambi's blood on their hands.

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December 11th, 2016

SOUND OFF 473 talks John Cena on SNL, quick thoughts on the TLC PPV, Jerry Lawler and Lita being dropped from TV, Mickie James' new deal with WWE, Donald Trump choosing Linda McMahon for a cabinet position, Booker T running for mayor of Houston, the SECRET MEETING Shane McMahon had with WWE in 2012, why Charlotte is the best heel on the main roster and why her Iron Man match with Sasha Banks should headline Roadblock, rumors of AJ Styles being drafted to Raw after Wrestlemania and why it's a bad move, Rich Swann becomes "outlandish", the problem with 205 Live and what they can learn from Lucha Underground, BIG DAMO debuts on NXT, a LIVE UNBOXING of a Wrestlecrate UK package, did Alberto Del Rio make a mistake by leaving Lucha Underground, AJ Lee not getting enough credit for the Women's Revolution, why more wrestlers don't hydrate during their matches, and Miz SAVAGES Tye Dillinger on Twitter!

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December 4th, 2016

SOUND OFF 472 has TLC PREDICTIONS and thoughts on where the story may be going with the Wyatts and Luke Harper, Sasha and Charlotte shine on Raw, why it's a complete waste for Roman Reigns to have the United States title, Foley loses his teeth during an in-ring promo with Sami Zayn, thoughts on the debut of 205 LIVE and pitching an opponent for Austin Aries and the Cruiserweight title, NXT expands to three announcers and examples of three-man booths that have actually worked before, Billy Corgan settles with TNA/Anthem but why Dixie Carter is not out of the woods yet, Adam Cole loses the ROH title and what it may portend about a possible jump to WWE, details on The Young Bucks re-signing with ROH, BROKEN MATT HARDY issues a challenge to the Bucks and what it could mean for a TNA/ROH relationship, thoughts on this week's Lucha Underground with Pentagon wrestling four women, the latest on JIMMY SNUKA who may be dead in six months, YOUR SUGGESTIONS for names for a possible Roode/Aries/Revival faction, does Triple H get TOO MUCH credit for the success of NXT's biggest stars and reviewing what stars have actually come out of the NXT system, floating names for the 2017 WWE Hall of Fame class, Mark Jindrak replacing Batista in Evolution, was Bret Hart going to face Ultimate Warrior at the Royal Rumble and more.

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