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SOUND OFF 472 has TLC PREDICTIONS and thoughts on where the story may be going with the Wyatts and Luke Harper, Sasha and Charlotte shine on Raw, why it's a complete waste for Roman Reigns to have the United States title, Foley loses his teeth during an in-ring promo with Sami Zayn, thoughts on the debut of 205 LIVE and pitching an opponent for Austin Aries and the Cruiserweight title, NXT expands to three announcers and examples of three-man booths that have actually worked before, Billy Corgan settles with TNA/Anthem but why Dixie Carter is not out of the woods yet, Adam Cole loses the ROH title and what it may portend about a possible jump to WWE, details on The Young Bucks re-signing with ROH, BROKEN MATT HARDY issues a challenge to the Bucks and what it could mean for a TNA/ROH relationship, thoughts on this week's Lucha Underground with Pentagon wrestling four women, the latest on JIMMY SNUKA who may be dead in six months, YOUR SUGGESTIONS for names for a possible Roode/Aries/Revival faction, does Triple H get TOO MUCH credit for the success of NXT's biggest stars and reviewing what stars have actually come out of the NXT system, floating names for the 2017 WWE Hall of Fame class, Mark Jindrak replacing Batista in Evolution, was Bret Hart going to face Ultimate Warrior at the Royal Rumble and more.

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