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June 29th, 2014

Here is what's on the agenda for this week's TWO-HOUR PLUS episode of the Sound Off:

*Money in the Bank predictions
*ROH Best in the World thoughts and who impressed the most
*A look back at the unlikely career of Vickie Guerrero
*Lots of NXT injuries
*NXT thoughts and some background on newcomer Becky Lynch
*Live thoughts from the TNA tapings in New York City and why they hit a homerun
*Thoughts on a Swagger vs. Rusev feud
*Where The Rock ranks among the greatest heels of all time
*What's up with black wrestlers in WWE these days
*and we end with a WWE Mid-Year Review!

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Sound Off 333 - Some Positive Momentum for TNA?

June 22nd, 2014

Solomonster runs down the ROH card for their first pay-per-view, WWE all but confirms a Brock Lesnar title match for Summerslam, the great showdown between Rusev and Reigns on Raw along with one of the more embarrassing segments in the history of the show, the debut of STARDUST, WWE budget cuts hitting the production crew, why there may be more bad news yet to come for the network, THE VAUDEVILLAINS debut on NXT, thoughts on the Von Erich angle from Slammiversary, TNA possibly bringing back the 6-sided ring pisses off Austin Aries and why he's right on the money, why Lashley winning the TNA title is a good move and defending TNA for not doing it on the PPV, why wrestlers should "make" the title and not the other way around, what caused the end of Kofi Kingston's push in his feud with Randy Orton, rebooking the 1995 King of the Ring, the BEST episode of Saturday Night's Main Event to go back and watch, why Goldberg confronted Triple H and cussed him out at a convention in 2000, the mastermind behind the Diva Search (with some of the raunchiest audio ever on a WWE show), and then it's the FINAL THIS WEEK IN HISTORY segment featuring TNA's debut on PPV, including a segment with a masturbating midget in a trash can, Vince Russo returns to WWE for all of one day, and Vince McMahon buys Raw back from Donald Trump!

Sound Off 332 - Pitching Cena vs. Lesnar for Summerslam

June 15th, 2014

HUGE show this week discussing the eleven WWE releases, which ones were for the best and the one that was the biggest mistake, Daniel Bryan being stripped of the WWE Title and concern he may miss Summerslam, what I would do with Brock Lesnar and it involves John Cena winning the title (hear me out on this), Dean Ambrose shines on Raw, why Seth Rollins' explanation was weak, recapping an emotional Legends House finale, THE GREATNESS OF BO DALLAS, TNA Slammiversary predictions, MVP's injury and how taping so far in advance has finally bit them on the ass, bringing Kharma back to manage AJ Lee against Paige, why Tony Schiavone went to WWE, the WrestleMania III attendance debate, Vader's backstage WCW fight with Paul Orndorff, James Dudley in the Hall of Fame, Mitsuharu Misawa dies in the ring and more!


June 8th, 2014

Solomonster mourns the end of The Shield after Seth Rollins' heel turn on Raw and talks about what made them one of the greatest groups of all time, why it would make no sense for the turn to be a ruse and why this is a big moment for Rollins to step up.  He also has thoughts on Payback and BLUETISTA's latest departure, troubling reports on Daniel Bryan's condition post-surgery, more madness with Dolph Ziggler on Monday night, an emotional revelation on Legends House, the greatness of Tyler Breeze and Bo Dallas on NXT, and then, the mother of all rants on TNA -- why they're actually the luckiest promotion in the world, AJ Styles' burial of them on Jericho's podcast, what they need to do in NYC later this month, and thoughts on Vince Russo's blog on the "real" challenge plaguing TNA, all of which apparently have nothing to do with bad creative (I wonder why).  We'll get into his myriad of excuses and why he's full of shit.  Plus, Hogan wins IWGP gold in Japan and later craps all over the WWE Title, Honky Tonk Man wins the IC title from Ricky Steamboat and why it happened, and more.


June 1st, 2014

Solomonster has PAYBACK predictions, a full review of an awesome NXT Takeover including two big lessons for WWE (and TNA) to take away from the show, why the NXT roster six months from now may be a lot of fun, the one guy who needs to be called up to the main roster right away, are The Usos being hurt by their association with John Cena, responding to some of the dumber things that Magnus told Fighting Spirit Magazine and why he should write comedy for WWE, reliving the time that Jim Duggan got busted for drugs with The Iron Sheik and why it's not so wacky to think that Duggan might have been wrestling for the WWE Title if it never happened, the night the lights went out on pay-per-view and more.


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