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Solomonster mourns the end of The Shield after Seth Rollins' heel turn on Raw and talks about what made them one of the greatest groups of all time, why it would make no sense for the turn to be a ruse and why this is a big moment for Rollins to step up.  He also has thoughts on Payback and BLUETISTA's latest departure, troubling reports on Daniel Bryan's condition post-surgery, more madness with Dolph Ziggler on Monday night, an emotional revelation on Legends House, the greatness of Tyler Breeze and Bo Dallas on NXT, and then, the mother of all rants on TNA -- why they're actually the luckiest promotion in the world, AJ Styles' burial of them on Jericho's podcast, what they need to do in NYC later this month, and thoughts on Vince Russo's blog on the "real" challenge plaguing TNA, all of which apparently have nothing to do with bad creative (I wonder why).  We'll get into his myriad of excuses and why he's full of shit.  Plus, Hogan wins IWGP gold in Japan and later craps all over the WWE Title, Honky Tonk Man wins the IC title from Ricky Steamboat and why it happened, and more.

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