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Sound Off 320 - Build for Undertaker and Lesnar Disappoints

March 30th, 2014

We're ONE WEEK away from WrestleMania and Solomonster has something to say about the underwhelming undercard and why he thinks the build for Undertaker vs. Brock Lesnar has been so disappointing, a rant on the treatment of Damien Sandow, Luke Harper's big night, Razor Ramon's Hall of Fame induction, Coachman back with WWE, Adrian Neville and Bo Dallas shine on NXT, more Willow wackiness on Impact, should WWE swerve the audience at Mania, is the monster gimmick dead in wrestling, bringing back King of the Ring, the Mega Powers battle THE ALLIANCE TO END HULKAMANIA in one of the worst PPV matches in history, and more!


March 23rd, 2014

SOUND OFF 319 talks about a Norwegian wedding in New Orleans, the latest twist in the Triple H vs. Daniel Bryan match and why it's a brilliant move, a powerful angle to close the show, Cena's promo last Monday and why it rings hollow, WWE Network reality show pitches including STEVE BLACKMAN HUNTING PEOPLE DOWN and another kind of show they should consider doing, Sheamus appears on NXT and sings The Irish Rover (which Solomonster decides to sing himself to mixed results - fair warning), more Willow stupidity on Impact, TNA coming to the Manhattan Center, should there be a WWE offseason, pitting Evolution against Bryan and The Shield, remembering the infamous YAPPAPAI INDIAN STRAP MATCH with Hulk Hogan's threats of sexual dominance over Ric Flair, and the day that changed wrestling forever when WWE bought WCW.  This is not a show you will soon forget!


March 16th, 2014

Solomonster talks about the Occupy Raw segment last Monday and how the fans got the WrestleMania main event changed, one thing Daniel Bryan needs to be careful of, the match that never was between John Cena and Hulk Hogan, an AWESOME Divas match between AJ and Natalya on Main Event, Christian's feud with Sheamus and why he's the most underappreciated talent in WWE today, STING SPEAKS on wrestling The Undertaker, the status of Kaz and Daniels in TNA, the failure of the Joseph Park storyline, the problem with Impact last week and why it made for a bad show, comparing Vince McMahon to Walter White, Dino Bravo murdered and THE GREAT DEBATE between Paul Heyman and Jerry Lawler!

Sound Off 317 - WWE Hijacks The Chicago Fans

March 9th, 2014

Solomonster talks Raw in Chicago and the beauty in how WWE was able to hijack the fans, another Shield vs. Wyatts classic and why Seth Rollins cannot be overlooked, why it's a mistake to book Adrian Neville as the NXT version of Daniel Bryan, the superstar Neville most resembles and concern over his eventual callup, THE DEBUT OF ADAM ROSE, predictions for TNA Lockdown, Kurt Angle off the show, Buck Zumhofe is found guilty of molestation and tries to escape, why certain wrestlers and promoters should be ashamed of themselves over this case, Buff Bagwell's new gig as a male gigolo, Wade Barrett as a World champion, why some people hate on TNA, the best WrestleMania for a new fan to watch, dumb PPV moments to watch on the WWE Network, Mr. T in the Hall of Fame and more!


March 2nd, 2014

GIMME A HELL YEAH!  It's SOUND OFF 316 and we've got news on CM Punk's possible WWE return, how it may affect the WrestleMania main event, a rant on the @ChicagoRawCrowd Twitter and why it's a bad thing, notes on the Jim Ross one man show in NYC, LOTS and LOTS of thoughts and news on the first week of the WWE Network and why it's awesome -- plus, how international users can watch and advice for subscribers who plan on watching WM30 -- Hulk Hogan's WWE return, Batista's heel turn, THE SHIELD AND THE WYATTS, NXT Arrival thoughts, BREAKING news on TNA title changes in Japan, thoughts on Nevada banning the use of TRT by MMA fighters and more!  Crack open a Steveweiser and buy the new Sound Off 3:16 shirt in our store!


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