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Sound Off 317 - WWE Hijacks The Chicago Fans


Solomonster talks Raw in Chicago and the beauty in how WWE was able to hijack the fans, another Shield vs. Wyatts classic and why Seth Rollins cannot be overlooked, why it's a mistake to book Adrian Neville as the NXT version of Daniel Bryan, the superstar Neville most resembles and concern over his eventual callup, THE DEBUT OF ADAM ROSE, predictions for TNA Lockdown, Kurt Angle off the show, Buck Zumhofe is found guilty of molestation and tries to escape, why certain wrestlers and promoters should be ashamed of themselves over this case, Buff Bagwell's new gig as a male gigolo, Wade Barrett as a World champion, why some people hate on TNA, the best WrestleMania for a new fan to watch, dumb PPV moments to watch on the WWE Network, Mr. T in the Hall of Fame and more!

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