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Sound Off 285 - TNA’s Turmoil Continues

July 28th, 2013

Last week was a bad one for TNA, but this week was even worse.  Solomonster discusses their embarrassing house show disaster last weekend, the #AskDixie debacle and Jesse Sorensen's release -- including a (small) defense of Dixie Carter and examples of WWE's own questionable personnel moves over the years.  Plus, thoughts on who the new the TNA mystery man may be and more.  Then, we talk about why Raw was as big for Antonio Cesaro as it was for Daniel Bryan, an ugly Miz TV segment that not even Brie Bella's nipple could save, two things you MUST WATCH from this week's NXT, examining Raw's move to three hours now one year later, and is it possible Vince McMahon botched the invasion on purpose?  Make a PayPal donation in the box on the right to support the show!

Sound Off 284 - New Champion Amongst TNA Turmoil

July 20th, 2013

This week's show is nearly two hours in length with live thoughts from Money in the Bank in Philly, one of the best Raws of the year in Brooklyn, the WWE mole and why he (or she) is not as noble as they think they are, why Lesnar and Heyman are the second best duo in WWE history, how the World title was killed dead this week, Ric Flair's daughter makes her NXT debut, another rumored idea for the WM30 main event, Chris Sabin wins the World title at Destination X, the latest on ALL of this week's TNA turmoil and why it's happening, friendly advice for TNA's next head of talent relations, the one man who makes sense as an opponent for The Ultimate Warrior, WWE planning to host their own conventions, the death of Bruiser Brody 25 years later, and perhaps the WORST match in wrestling history!  Make a PayPal donation in the box on the right to support the show.

Sound Off 283

July 14th, 2013

Solomonster is on the road in Philadelphia and joined by Noah Mark and Bryan Blade offering Money in the Bank predictions, including a few scenarios for how the All Stars match may play out, plus thoughts on the Wyatt Family debut from Raw and the "Husky Harris" chants, WWE's new Performance Center, Randy Orton's divorce, possible WrestleMania host cities, Steve Austin's latest tease for a match with CM Punk and the unlikely TNA star he put over, Matt Morgan's TNA release, the awesome Knockouts ladder match on Impact, how you can "spoon" Tammy Sytch and more.  Stick around for an important announcement at the end of the show concerning our future.

Sound Off 282

July 7th, 2013

Solomonster talks about plans for the McMahon angle, how it may tie into WrestleMania and thoughts on a possible Rock vs. Triple H match, Ricardo Rodriguez suspended and what it may be for, why Sting is NOT going to WWE, The Briscoes spotted front row at a WWE show, a rant on reality TV and what it really should be called, why Bo Dallas is now the John Cena of NXT, looking at whether TNA's Gut Check concept is a failure, several wrestlers released and others not getting paid, a GREAT main event on Impact worth watching, live thoughts from the TNA BaseBrawl show in Brooklyn, bringing War Games to WWE, would a wrestling off-season work, how the formation of the nWo changed wrestling forever (not just for a few years) and how WCW really died for good 12 years ago this week.


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