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Sound Off 285 - TNA’s Turmoil Continues


Last week was a bad one for TNA, but this week was even worse.  Solomonster discusses their embarrassing house show disaster last weekend, the #AskDixie debacle and Jesse Sorensen's release -- including a (small) defense of Dixie Carter and examples of WWE's own questionable personnel moves over the years.  Plus, thoughts on who the new the TNA mystery man may be and more.  Then, we talk about why Raw was as big for Antonio Cesaro as it was for Daniel Bryan, an ugly Miz TV segment that not even Brie Bella's nipple could save, two things you MUST WATCH from this week's NXT, examining Raw's move to three hours now one year later, and is it possible Vince McMahon botched the invasion on purpose?  Make a PayPal donation in the box on the right to support the show!

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