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WWE released another 15 people this week (that we know of), 14 of which were wrestlers in the name of budget cuts, and a comedy writer they had just hired for Monday Night Raw.  Solomonster gives his thoughts on the releases, including the podcast interview that led to Kenice Mobley being fired after WWE was left embarrassed about their hiring practices being publicly mocked... plus, quick thoughts on last night's AEW championship match between Kenny Omega and Jungle Boy... Kofi Kingston challenging Bobby Lashley for the WWE title and the great closing angle on Raw... Nikki Cross's new superhero gimmick... Edge returns as the next challenger for Roman Reigns and what this will lead to at Summerslam... NXT holds a talent show with mandatory attendance to boost morale... THE DIAMOND MINE faction debuts on NXT... and THIS WEEK IN HISTORY is legendary with the birth of Austin 3:16, John Cena's debut and the birth of Ruthless Aggression, CM Punk drops a pipebomb on Monday Night Raw, one of the WORST shows in WWE history, Chris Jericho's epic rant on internet fans in 2002, Kane loses his mask at MSG and the Chris Benoit murder/suicide shakes the wrestling world to its core.  Get one FREE audio book of your choice when you use to sign up for a 30-day Audible trial!

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