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"Tiny" Lister passed away this week and Solomonster remembers his time as ZEUS, both in the movie No Holds Barred and on WWE television, what he claimed the original plans were, his awful match with Abdullah the Butcher and his brief stint in WCW... the rumored top matches planned for WrestleMania next year, Bill Goldberg already hyping a match against Roman Reigns, why it should NOT happen at Mania and three far better choices as potential opponents for Roman... Vince McMahon orders KEITH LEE, among others, back to the Performance Center for "refinement" and why McMahon obviously doesn't think very highly of the current roster... one change WWE should make for THE HARDY BROS team to work with Jeff Hardy and Matt Riddle... THE PIGEONS ARE WAITING FOR YOU, BARON CORBIN... thoughts on the AEW crossover last week on Impact Wrestling, members of the AEW roster LIVID over criticism from Jim Ross and why JR is absolutely right in what he said... and THIS WEEK IN HISTORY talks the beginning of the end for the Dynamite Kid, the night Vince McMahon tried to sabotage a unification match between Jerry Lawler and Kerry Von Erich, Miss Kitty flashes the world on PPV and Chris Jericho beats Stone Cold and The Rock in the same night!

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