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SOUND OFF 597 offers praise for Bray Wyatt's new Firefly Funhouse gimmick, rumors of stockholder and sponsor backlash and why WWE needs to stay the course with it... Undertaker and Kurt Angle pulled from Starrcast after WWE pressure, but Undertaker fights back to make his scheduled UK appearance... WWE denies Luke Harper's request for his release and adds six months to his contract, the storyline idea that was dropped that was the final straw for Harper and what happens now... Dean Malenko quits his job with WWE over something that happened at Smackdown?... Vince McMahon blames the Raw and Smackdown ratings drop on TALENT ABSENCES... The Viking Experience lasts all of one week, but have their names yet again?... locker room heat on Lio Rush could lead to his WWE demise... NXT referee breaks his ankle, but still makes the three count... Cleveland Indians call Johnny Gargano a WCW Triple Crown Champion... thoughts on Vickie Guerrero saying that Chris Benoit belongs in the WWE Hall of Fame... and who was WWE's MVP in 1997 among Bret Hart, Shawn Michaels, Stone Cold and The Undertaker?

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