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SOUND OFF 590 makes the case for John Cena to be Kurt Angle's opponent in his farewell match at Wrestlemania, and why Angle is among the very greatest of all time... Batista gets what he wants from Triple H after a disappointing, slobbering promo... THE DEMON being advertised for Mania and who it will likely be against... even DIXIE CARTER realizes WWE has no idea what to do with EC3... how Randy Orton and AJ Styles sold me on their Wrestlemania match with one promo... the one time Kofi Kingston stood up to Vince McMahon on his private jet and how it's relevant now nearly a decade later... Harlem Heat to be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame and Sid's idea for their WCW debut that was so controversial, it never aired on TV... the latest on the New Japan Cup and likely opponent for Jay White, plus the ROH title match set for Madison Square Garden... thoughts on the spoilers regarding the NXT title situation... is WWE exploiting Roman Reigns' illness?... Missy Hyatt's brief run in WWE, why her "Missy's Manor" segments never aired on TV and how you can watch them right now... should WWE crown INTERIM champions instead of stripping people of their titles?... and #4 in our Top 10 Countdown of The Most Shocking Wrestlemania Match Outcomes is one of the shortest matches in Mania history!

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