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SOUND OFF 588 talks Wrestlemania returning to the Sunshine State in 2020... Roman Reigns in remission and back on Raw, could they be building to a Mania match with Dean Ambrose?... Batista crashes Ric Flair's birthday party and the stipulation that could make his expected match with Triple H far more important... the TWITTER WAR between Ronda Rousey and Becky Lynch, WWE's reaction to it and the two words that should always be off limits... The Honky Tonk Man finally says yes to the WWE Hall of Fame, looking at how he lucked into the biggest push of his career and why he had heat with so many wrestlers... likening EC3 to a human Skype update... Vince McMahon replaces Kofi Kingston with Kevin Owens at Fast Lane and why Kofi fans should be ecstatic about it... why Jim Ross isn't totally wrong to liken Charlotte Flair to a modern day Hulk Hogan... Dana Warrior getting a trial run on the WWE creative team and why people should give her a chance... one African American listener wonders if it's wrong of him to not get behind Kofi Kingston's push... Anthem ERASES all of its GFW master recordings to "free up" server space... why Rick Rude was NOT an integral part of the history of DX... #6 in our Top 10 Countdown of The Most Shocking Wrestlemania Match Outcomes takes us back to the Skydome!

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