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SOUND OFF 584 is SUPER-SIZED for SuperBowl Sunday with more on Dean Ambrose leaving WWE when his contract expires... why you're fooling yourself if you don't think WWE is worried about All Elite Wrestling and the real reason why that is... AEW interested in Brock Lesnar!?... Hideo Itami asks for his release and where things went wrong for him... Ronda Rousey and Becky Lynch prove why they DON'T need Charlotte in the Wrestlemania main event, how to book a Becky/Charlotte feud for the next two PPV shows, and SLAPPY MCMAHON invites Becky to Raw this Monday... concern for Elias behind the scenes and his latest program with Jeff Jarrett... one interesting theory on why R-Truth won the United States championship... MISTER MIZ appears on Smackdown and pitching an idea for how to get to an eventual match between Miz and Shane McMahon... DANIEL BRYAN finally gets his organic hemp belt, and why Mustafa Ali should challenge Bryan for the WWE title at Mania... SAMOA JOE SPITS FIRE and shows why he's the best stick man in wrestling, but there's one very big problem WWE needs to fix right now... addressing the controversy with Sam Roberts and Bianca Belair... that time NEW JACK worked two matches against THE UNDERTAKER in Smokey Mountain Wresting... and starting our countdown of the TOP 10 MOST SHOCKING WRESTLEMANIA MATCH OUTCOMES!

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