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SOUND OFF 571 is our 11 YEAR ANNIVERSARY SHOW with final thoughts on Evolution and Crown Jewel, the tale of two polar opposite WWE shows in every possible way... Daniel Cormier tells Brock Lesnar to bring his Universal title to UFC so he can win it from him... Shane McMahon is THE BEST IN THE WORLD and what this is all likely leading to... Triple H suffers a torn pec, what does it mean for a possible Batista match at Wrestlemania?... thoughts on New Japan's Power Struggle show and Chris Jericho's IC title defense... an impassioned rant on the state of Monday Night Raw and why WWE needs to do better... what's next for Daniel Bryan after losing to AJ Styles and refusing to go to Saudi Arabia?... why Ronda Rousey vs. Becky Lynch should headline Survivor Series and pitching some ideas for what it could lead to... NXT talents win titles in EVOLVE and why this is a great idea... Matt Riddle wants to retire Brock Lesnar and why WWE should make it happen... would WWE ever bring Wrestlemania to Saudi Arabia?... two WWE names from the 90's who failed to meet expectations... did AJ LEE or BETH PHOENIX have a greater impact on women's wrestling?... and BUY OR SELL on the bigger match to be given away on free TV, Goldberg vs. Hogan on Nitro or Angle vs. Lesnar Iron Man on Smackdown?

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