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SOUND OFF 557 reviews the two main events for "Slammiversary" and has praise for Impact Wrestling... WWE announces a date and location for its HISTORIC, LANDMARK, FIRST TIME EVER all-women's PPV and goes into hyperdrive to promote the show, and fantasy booking some of the matches... Roman Reigns punches his ticket to face Brock Lesnar at Summerslam and why he won't leave Brooklyn with the title... why Samoa Joe is the perfect choice to face AJ Styles at Summerslam... thoughts on the premiere of the new "Miz & Mrs." reality show... the big problem WWE needs to avoid when it comes to promoting so many things at once... Tomasso Ciampa wins the NXT title with an assist from Johnny Gargano... the latest on Matt Riddle and why all signs point to him joining the NXT roster... a YouTube gamer breaks up with his model girlfriend to play CALL OF DUTY... a petition to get Chris Benoit into the WWE Hall of Fame... should the women in WWE be given their own weekly show and be taken off Raw and Smackdown?... would THE SHIELD or THE CLUB make for a better first program with Kenny Omega and The Young Bucks in WWE?... plus, the best birthday gift I ever received and the next Sound Off meetup announced for Summerslam weekend.

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