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SOUND OFF 534 talks Rey Mysterio making his New Japan debut and where negotiations stand with WWE... Booker T and Corey Graves "clear the air"... Ronda Rousey reportedly brought in to help make Stephanie McMahon a mainstream star and why this will fail miserably... how we could end up with as many as five different women's matches at Wrestlemania... Jason Jordan has neck surgery and who could step in to wrestle Seth Rollins if he's not ready in time for Mania... Dolph Ziggler being gifted a possible WWE title opportunity weeks after "walking out" on Smackdown and why Shane McMahon is terrible at his job... the amazingly useless Top 10 list on Smackdown... Triple H takes power from Vince McMahon over 205 Live and immediately improves the show, and the one star who may suffer as a result of the switch... Impact Wrestling wins for Sad Tweet, but giving credit to Ed Nordholm for admitting he made a mistake... remembering The Main Event and the evil twin Hebner angle 30 years later... two underrated but important WWE feuds for CM Punk... the real story behind why WWE took the IC title off Bret Hart and put it on Roddy Piper... what happened at the bar the night before WM8 involving Shane McMahon and Bret Hart's wife... what the original plans were for WM13 before Shawn Michaels screwed everything up, or did he make it better?... FIVE OF THE BEST WWE IN YOUR HOUSE SHOWS YOU SHOULD WATCH... and is WWE solely responsible for the state of Bray Wyatt or does Bray also bear some responsibility?

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