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SOUND OFF 533 is a SUPER-SIZED SHOW that opens with a Superbowl prediction... Royal Rumble fallout with thoughts on Brock Lesnar stiffing Braun Strowman and the two stars who looked like they haven't aged a day... RONDA ROUSEY'S DEBUT and thoughts on the women voicing their "displeasure" over how it was handled, plus the best way to use Rousey going forward and why she should ultimately be a heel... thoughts on the WWE 24 special on WM33 and the scene that was CUT from the documentary showing Undertaker getting pain relief injections before his match... Wrestlemania 35 coming to MetLife Stadium in New Jersey... Jonathan Coachman replaces Booker T, while JEREMY BORASH makes a shocking jump from Impact to NXT... thoughts on the Dudley Boys going into the Hall of Fame, plus Mark Henry's *rumored* induction and making the case for why he deserves the recognition... looking at the likely lineups for the men's AND women's Elimination Chamber matches... Asuka and Sasha Banks have a great match that nearly ends in disaster... why the new graphics on Smackdown need to die, but praise for their new Top 10 List concept... pitching a double turn with Bobby Roode and Rusev?... why focusing on Nakamura's New Japan past in the build to his WM match would actually benefit WWE... predicting the FAST LANE main event... Rockstar Spud debuts as DRAKE MAVERICK on 205 Live... why having Paul Heyman turn on Brock Lesnar is a terrible idea, even if Lesnar leaves WWE... can New Japan sell out a 10,000 seat building in the US?... why Summerslam 1992 was such a unique show... out of HBK, AJ Styles, CM Punk and Daniel Bryan, which one has to go?... and the WINNERS of our ULTIMATE ROYAL RUMBLE POOL ARE CHOSEN!

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