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SOUND OFF 523 talks about last night's STARRCADE show with appearances by Ric Flair, Arn Anderson and Dustin Rhodes... Dave Batista says he will only come back to WWE if he can work a program with Triple H... Jerry Lawler claims The Undertaker could work more matches and why it's a terrible idea... WWE bringing a new show to Facebook involving mixed tag matches with men and women from Raw and Smackdown?... Finn Balor OUT as Brock Lesnar's opponent at the Royal Rumble, the ridiculous reason why and offering an unlikely name as an alternate challenger for the Universal title... why wrestling would not have been half as cool as it was in the late 90's if those stars had the same scripted dialogue they use today... pitching a Buried Alive match between Braun Strowman and Kane... thoughts on Paige's return and the debut of two new female trios on Raw and Smackdown... how to make a Women's Royal Rumble match work, including the number of participants from each brand, who should be in it and what it would lead to at Wrestlemania... thoughts on Roman Reigns winning the Intercontinental title and why I DON'T think he's holding it all the way to Mania... Jinder Mahal as THE BEASTMASTER!?!... praise for the new Netflix documentary on Jim Carrey's portrayal of Andy Kaufman in the movie "Man on the Moon"... why the fall of Bray Wyatt can be traced all the way back to his Wrestlemania loss to John Cena... Hulk Hogan's awkward turn to the darkside in late 1995... and do you consider Die Hard to be a Christmas movie?

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