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SOUND OFF 519 is the 2017 HaLLoWeeN SPECIAL with BREAKING NEWS on the WWE releases of Emma, Summer Rae and Darren Young (see the Raw review)... the idea pitched for a Bullet Club reunion at TLC that Vince McMahon shot down... thoughts on a lackluster card for Survivor Series so far, including the three rumored names for the special referee slot in the main event... SMACKDOWN'S INVASION OF RAW... Kane pins Finn Balor only 24 hours after Balor beats AJ Styles at TLC... Edge and Christian say they don't see the appeal of Asuka and my issues with the way they presented her in her first week on TV... WWE's plans for Raw's 25th anniversary in January and a missed opportunity... the VICE Sports story on WWE whitewashing The Ultimate Warrior's controversial past... Jeff Jarrett TERMINATED by Impact Wrestling and checks himself into WWE-sponsored rehab... are Ricochet and Tessa Blanchard on their way to Impact?... Kevin Owens beats Randy Orton in this week's Social Media Savagery... is WWE waiting on ROMAN REIGNS to return before Raw invades Smackdown?... why the WWE Horsewomen should NOT LOSE to the MMA Horsewomen... Ric Flair reveals his WWE Mount Rushmore, while I reveal my Mount Rushmore of Lucha Underground... remembering the time Kurt Angle said he wanted to have BEASTIALITY SEX with Booker T's wife... did a Kmart clothing line kill a planned John Cena heel turn?... WHO IS MR. SURVIVOR SERIES?... and NOAH MARK drops by to talk Halloween and next week's 10 year anniversary show!

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