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SOUND OFF 518 talks about the MAJOR SHAKEUP to tonight's WWE TLC PPV, a rumored outbreak of the mumps, KURT ANGLE replacing Roman Reigns in the main event and wrestling his first WWE match in 11 years, AJ Styles replacing Bray Wyatt against Finn Balor, concern for Angle's health, why adding Jason Jordan to the match makes sense but NOT as a bait and switch with Angle, thoughts the Kane's return and WWE's blatant disregard for even the ILLUSION of there being a true brand split... rumors of WWE performers looking to exit the company and who they might be... KING OF THE RING being brought back, but not in the way you may think... Jinder Mahal officially challenges Brock Lesnar to a match at Survivor Series... Okada sets one new record and is about to set another... Reby Hardy goes off on the WWE seamstress as only she can... TNAGLOBALFORCEIMPACT gets its own PIZZA AND COCKTAIL... quite possibly our FINAL Lucha Underground review, including some surprise returns, murders and a new champion crowned... the latest on a possible fourth season... MY TOP TEN LUCHA UNDERGROUND MATCHES FROM ALL THREE SEASONS and giving the show the Sound Off sendoff it deserves... should Kevin Owens go babyface against a heel Sami Zayn at Wrestlemania?... Shawn Michaels having beef with John Cena at WM23... why WWE won't acknowledge King Kong Bundy... the scariest moments in WWE history... BUY OR SELL on the best horror movie franchise... and plans for our 10 year anniversary podcast announced!

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