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SOUND OFF 517 talks PEOPLE magazine running an embarrassing story online about Shane McMahon... Neville's rumored WWE departure, what likely led to it and how this all could have been avoided... WWE fires Jimmy Jacobs over an Instagram photo, but was it really just a spiteful shot at The Young Bucks?... Dana White texts Vince McMahon and shoots down Conor McGregor/Wrestlemania rumors... WWE BUILDS A SHIELD TO PROTECT ROMAN REIGNS, praise for how they handled the reunion, and the possibility of a Winner Take All scenario at TLC... defending Roman Reigns for his comments about The Young Bucks and why he's not wrong... BROCK LESNAR VS. JINDER MAHAL rumored for Survivor Series and why there are no good outcomes... praise for the Sami Zayn promo on Smackdown and shutting down the critics upset that WWE turned Sami heel... an interesting scenario where Zayn ends up beating Owens to become WWE champion at Wrestlemania... the awful Bobby Roode/Dolph Ziggler segment from Smackdown and why Roode needs to go heel ASAP... a WWE Network special based around The Gorilla Position... what if Roman Reigns wins the Royal Rumble in Philly next year?... what exactly happened with the botched finish to the Judgment Day 2000 Iron Man match... and why Kevin Nash deserves the credit for ushering in the earliest sign of "attitude" in WWE.

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