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SOUND OFF 516 has WWE HELL IN A CELL PREDICTIONS and thoughts on the absurd addition of a Falls Count Anywhere stipulation to a HIAC match... thoughts on the death of Lance Russell... Roman Reigns considered the greatest of all time in WWE 2K18... The Shield reunion at TLC and why Braun Strowman may take Miz's spot in the match... don't get your hopes up for anyone to play the role of Sister Abigail... a disappointing debut for Kalisto at the end of Raw and why it wasn't his fault... thoughts on the return of WAR GAMES, if it will be two rings, the teams involved and the last War Games match WCW ever did... praise for the Aleister Black/Velveteen Dream storyline and Dream's Purple Rainmaker elbowdrop... an update on the status of Lucha Underground and why it isn't such a great thing after all... a new Lucha Libre pilot shooting soon and the person they want to bring on board as a writer... doing a Triple H vs. Shane McMahon match at Wrestlemania and why the buildup would be so much fun... THE GREAT DEBATE on Raw with Jerry Lawler and Paul Heyman in 1997... the BEST and WORST members of the Four Horsemen... was Kane the ultimate tag team specialist?... the many myths of Andre the Giant... my top three favorite wrestler returns in WWE history... and BUY OR SELL on the better Walking Dead TV villain, The Governor or Negan?

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