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SOUND OFF 494 talks Payback and why I enjoyed the first half of the House of Horrors when many did not, Sean Waltman's explanation for his arrest last weekend, why I want to believe him but Artie Lange has made me very cynical, a former WWE creative writer reveals his pitches that Vince McMahon rejected including one idea for Dean Ambrose that I pitched on the Sound Off FIVE YEARS AGO, the kayfabe controversy involving Roman Reigns and Braun Strowman and why it's not a big deal, what the hell is going on with Brock Lesnar, the best Raw main event of the year, NOT SO FAST on the Broken Hardy gimmick coming to WWE as Impact files for new trademarks, Karen Jarrett SUBTWEETS Reby Hardy, why Titus O'Neil may be the best thing that could happen to Apollo Crews, HEAVY MACHINERY cuts their first in-ring promo on NXT and why Otis looks like an old LJN action figure, Ember Moon's status in question for NXT Takeover, ADAM COLE BABAY now a free agent and where I think we will see him next, Billy Corgan is BUYING THE NATIONAL WRESTLING ALLIANCE and what it might mean for the future of the NWA, thoughts on Kongo Kong, will we see more WWE performers leave for the indies, how WCW dropped the ball on Bret Hart and what exactly makes Finn Balor so dark?

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