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SOUND OFF 491 looks at the winners and losers coming out of this week's SUPERSTAR SHAKEUP, which brand has the better roster on paper and could we have a new Smackdown Six, Solomonster gets a shout out from THE MIZ'S DAD, thoughts on YouTube restricting wrestling content and demonetizing videos, Braun Strowman's destruction of Roman Reigns on Raw the fan petition to get WWE to fire Strowman, Solomonster FEELS THE WRATH OF THE ROMAN EMPIRE and responds accordingly, why Taz feels Undertaker should be pissed about Reigns being destroyed the way he was, Finn Balor suffers a concussion and why people need to lay off Jinder Mahal for it, WWE reportedly negotiating a settlement with Mauro Ranallo, the hilarious reason Randy Orton was so upset with his entrance at Wrestlemania, why I'm excited for this brand new era of NXT and what I'd like to see more of going forward, the long anticipated debut of Dylan Miley and his connection to Brock Lesnar, thoughts on the headbutt that may have just ended Shibata's career in New Japan, Kane announces his run for mayor, my time working for JBL's Layfield Report website, did Edge have the perfect career, and BUY OR SELL on the bigger Mania match that never happened - Undertaker vs. Sting or Undertaker vs. John Cena?

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