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SOUND OFF 490 has more thoughts on Wrestlemania 33, Bray Wyatt's poor Mania track record and what makes it so frustrating, one of the most NEWSWORTHY WEEKS in WWE in many years with The Undertaker's final match, the return of the Hardys and why they may be BROKEN soon enough, Kurt Angle as the new Raw General Manager, this week's SUPERSTAR SHAKEUP and who I would trade between Raw and Smackdown, a recap of Alberto El Patron's drunken Periscope rant in Times Square, BEACH BALL MANIA and why WWE brought it on themselves, Mauro Ranallo likely GONE from WWE and what the fans can tweet JBL to ask him about, Shinsuke Nakamura's AWESOME debut on Smackdown and my one concern for him going forward, Tye Dillinger's winding journey to the main roster, why WrestleMania as a TWO-DAY event is a terrible idea, how to do Undertaker's Hall of Fame induction, using a female commentator for WWE's women's tournament, why CM Punk would NOT have been a headliner in the Attitude Era, BUY OR SELL on The Young Bucks or The Revival, plus EVERYTHING YOU EVER WANTED TO KNOW about the cost of a WrestleMania trip and whether it pays to spring for one of WWE's travel packages.

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