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SOUND OFF 486 is here and NO ONE IS SPARED this week, not even the stupid owl. We'll dive into Anthem threatening to sue the Hardys, Reby Sky's Twitter meltdown, how it hurt ROH on Friday night, why Anthem may have a valid case and it doesn't make them look any less scummy in this situation. Plus, some fan suggestions on what to name the ANTHEM OWL, even more wrestling deaths this year, Marty Jannetty allegedly offered $150,000 to do porn, Sami Zayn talks about part-time stars taking spots from full-time stars and my rant on the terrible situation WWE has created for itself, why you should be weary of hoping for past vs. present matches in WWE, praise for Austin Aries on Raw, "Ravishing" Rick Rude takes his rightful place in the WWE Hall of Fame, wondering how his planned comeback to WWE in the Attitude Era might have played out, a humorous way for New Day to finally turn heel, what Vince McMahon's plan might be for Roman Reigns and you probably won't like it, Daniel Bryan teases wrestling again when his contract expires and why WWE may not make it so easy for him to leave, a big female signing for WWE and how it hurts STARDOM, pitching Styles against Balor for BRAND SUPREMACY at WM33, could CM Punk move the needle for TNA Impact, Tito Santana as WWE champion and who was the MVP for WWE in 1992 - Randy Savage, Ric Flair or Bret Hart?

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