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SOUND OFF 482 kicks off with hysterical laughter about Josh Mathews calling himself the greatest play-by-play announcer in the world and I have to pull myself together to get through the rest of the show. We have ELIMINATION CHAMBER PREDICTIONS and what team should be added to Tag Team Turmoil, discussing the death of Chavo Guerrero Sr. and where the Guerrero family in the ranks of all-time great families in WWE, an update on the status of Seth Rollins for Wrestlemania, Samoa Joe beats Roman Reigns in his very first Raw match, why Goldberg should beat Kevin Owens for the Universal title at Fast Lane, who should induct the Rock and Roll Express into the WWE Hall of Fame, Austin Aries cleared to return and why things are looking up for the cruiserweight division, reviewing JOHN CENA VS. RANDY ORTON on Smackdown, Vince McMahon admits the WM32 attendance figure is not all that it seems, Jeff Jarrett back in power at TNA, former Raw GM Mike Adamle diagnosed with dementia and how it may have impacted his WWE run, a memorable voice from WWE you've definitely heard who passed away recently, why Paige doing MMA is a terrible idea, is Triple H the greatest heel in wrestling history, Chris Jericho in the WM2000 main event, who would win a Royal Rumble of former U.S. presidents and who blew it worse, the Falcons in the SuperBowl or the Indians in the World Series?

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