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SOUND OFF 481 has a SuperBowl prediction and asks if Tom Brady is the greatest QB of all time, thoughts on the Royal Rumble, JOHN CENA VS. RANDY ORTON at Wrestlemania, the state of The Undertaker and why this year's Mania should be his last, why the ship sailed four years ago on an Undertaker/Roman Reigns match, Samoa Joe debuts on Raw as Triple H's enforcer, Seth Rollins suffers another leg injury and the potential implications on the Wrestlemania card, why Shane McMahon is the best replacement opponent and doesn't even necessarily need to wrestle, why AJ Styles deserves better, the latest plans for Goldberg vs. Brock Lesnar and why it makes sense for it to be for the Universal title, what to do next with Dean Ambrose, how to book Sasha Banks through Summerslam, THE NEW EMMALINA COUNTER, Kevin Kelly no longer an ROH employee and what the hell is going on with Ring of Honor, Lucha Underground comes to Netflix and the four matches you should go out of your way to see, thoughts on ESPN's "30 For 30" special on the XFL and why Vince McMahon needs to stick to wrestling, thoughts on a women's Royal Rumble and MITB match, what made the Randy Savage/Jake Roberts feud so memorable, and a LIVE DRAWING to pick the top three winners in our 2017 Royal Rumble pool!

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