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SOUND OFF 471 has more thoughts on the Goldberg/Brock Lesnar squash now a week removed from Survivor Series, news on Goldberg's new deal with WWE, pitching an idea on how best to use Brock Lesnar at the Royal Rumble, why is it so hard for WWE to find a full-time guy to be THE MAN, Jericho and Owens shine on Raw, why Sami Zayn would do well to be traded to Smackdown, James Ellsworth beats the WWE champion for a third time and whether or not they've jumped the shark with the Ellsworth stuff, Steve Corino takes one step closer to the NXT announce booth, Sexy Star's Lucha Underground title reign ends at one week, possible heat between Tyson Kidd and WWE, why the fans are NOT hypocrites for booing Batista but cheering for Goldberg, why Goldberg vs. The Undertaker at WM33 would be a bad idea, thoughts on a fan pitch for Bryan vs. Miz at Wrestlemania and why it could work, Chris Benoit in WWF in 1995, did The Ultimate Warrior break Bobby Heenan's neck, and BUY OR SELL on the bigger comeback of 2016, Chris Jericho or Matt Hardy?

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