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SOUND OFF 466 leads off with a possible rumor killer on the teases of a Shawn Michaels/AJ Styles match and how it may have started, the latest on the situation with TNA and Billy Corgan and why the company deserves to be exposed this week, yet another TNA lawsuit revealed, Paige proposes to Alberto El Patron to the shagrin of her family, a triumphant return for Goldberg on Raw, how Seth Rollins calling Chris Jericho "sparklecrotch" on the same show was really revealing about the current state of the roster, what was missing from Lita's interviews with Charlotte and Sasha Banks, a rant on Neville losing to Bo Dallas and debunking one of the so-called merits of the brand split, high praise for the AJ Styles/James Ellsworth match on Smackdown, Bret Hart reveals his original idea for a match with Shawn Michaels at WM13 and why it would've been pretty bad, why DDP should have been the one to end Goldberg's streak at Halloween Havoc, was Owen Hart a victim of Kliq politics, the greatest Royal Rumble singles match in history, did Macho Man ever get a pinfall win over Hulk Hogan and NUMBER TWO in our Top 9 countdown of the greatest promos/interviews in WWE history!

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