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SOUND OFF 462 clears up the Randy Orton "Twitter likes" situation, Vader's indecent proposal to a college student, USA Today awarding me "Sad Tweet" honors thanks to the Mets (plus a rant on the Cubs), more on Cody Rhodes debuting for TNA, Triple H interested in bringing BROKEN MATT to WWE and the one thing I hope he gets if he does consider returning, a quick review of last week's LOVE AND HIP HOP after watching it for the first time, the absurdity of Stephanie not knowing why her husband attacked Seth Rollins now a month later, why Cesaro would make a fine Survivor Series opponent for Brock Lesnar, Chris Jericho's generous donation to Rico's GoFundMe page and some confusion on where the money is going, thoughts on the first night of the cruiserweight division on Raw, predicting the number of viewers for the first presidential debate and why this election has been a national embarrassment, CLASH OF CHAMPIONS PREDICTIONS, breaking news on the death of one of the best players in all of baseball, the online drama between Brian Cage and Melissa Santos, picking the teams for a Raw vs. Smackdown WAR GAMES match at Survivor Series, the status of Global Force Wrestling, Nakamura winning the Royal Rumble, could the territory system work in 2016, explaining the different sound bytes in the Sound Off intro and Paul Heyman's own "pipebomb" makes our countdown of the Top 9 Promos in WWE history!

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