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SOUND OFF 461 takes aim at Smith Hart's disgusting Facebook rant using a dead kid to "prove" that Seth Rollins is a terrible wrestler, the New York Post story about WWE making a bid for TNA and the absurd figure they claim TNA may sell for, Vince McMahon tears another quad, Ryback's claim about how WWE manipulates John Cena into being their biggest merchandise mover, Paige breaks her silence and Alberto Del Rio throws Andrade Cien Almas under the bus, RAW DOES A 1.8 and is beaten by Love and Hip Hop Hollywood, Jinder Mahal COMES IN PEACE but I wish he would leave, thoughts on all the hate for the Full Sail crowd, why the CWC finale was the best two hours of television ever produced by WWE, ranking the five best matches in the tournament, a surprising discovery about T.J. Perkins, why Ring of Honor appears to have hit a wall, thoughts on the PWG product and people who think it's a "cancer" on wrestling, one way to make Survivor Series great again, BUY OR SELL on the better rookie year between Kurt Angle and Brock Lesnar, and #7 in our TOP NINE PROMOS in WWE history gives birth to the seven second delay!

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