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Solomonster is joined by former WWE tag team and Hardcore champion BOB "HARDCORE" HOLLY and he pulls no punches in this 90-MINUTE INTERVIEW discussing everything under the sun, including:

*Auditioning for a reality show on The History channel
*Why he thinks the concussion lawsuit against WWE is ridiculous
*John Laurinaitis insanity and the staph infection that almost cost Bob his arm
*Why WWE talent should be employees and not independent contractors
*A revealing, inside look at WWE's Wellness Policy and why there is a double standard
*His own experience with steroids, including exactly what he used
*Hating the Thurman "Sparky" Plugg name
*His run as Hardcore Holly and teaming with Crash
*The Holly Family Christmas skit that never happened
*Addressing the story that he "sandbagged" Brock Lesnar in their TV match
*His side of the story on the infamous Matt Cappotelli incident
*Why Daniel Puder rubbed the entire locker room the wrong way
*Getting passed over for the Battle of the Billionaires with Bobby Lashley
*Why he was so surprised by his WWE release in 2009
*Why he thinks Dolph Ziggler should be World champion right now
*The myth of wrestlers "making their own push" in WWE
*High praise for Diamond Dallas Page and DDP YOGA
*Word association on Bret Hart, Shawn Michaels, Triple H, Vince McMahon and more
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