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SOUND OFF 454 has breaking news on why Shelton Benjamin will NOT be back on WWE television anytime soon, Conor McGregor's comments about the WWE roster and why they're not to be taken seriously, thoughts on Big Show teasing a retirement match with Shaq at Wrestlemania and why it has to be kept short, praise for Charlotte on promos, why Roman Reigns challenging for the U.S. title is the best thing for him, praise for Ambrose and Ziggler on Smackdown, my big problem with John Cena's promo, NXT newcomer Ember Moon gets a standing ovation, Bobby Roode's new GLORIOUS theme song, praise for Jack Gallagher in the CWC while Gargano and Ciampa tear the house down, how to handle a King of the Ring return with a split roster, why Randy Orton has never reached his full potential, why the women will headline a network special sometime in the next year, WWE booking Finlay as a World champion in 2008, why Austin vs. Triple H wasn't saved for WMX7, BUY OR SELL on Trish and Mickie at WM22 or the women's triple threat from WM32, and PAYPAL RUMBLE III WINNERS REVEALED!

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