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WEEK ONE of Raw versus Smackdown is in the books and SOUND OFF 453 analyzes the good and bad of both shows, including an outstanding episode of Raw with reaction to the announcement of a new UNIVERSAL TITLE and why it's not so bad, Finn Balor pinning Roman Reigns clean to earn a title shot, why Reigns deserves more credit for having great matches, Sasha Banks wins the Women's title and nearly kills herself in the process, pitching a double turn at Summerslam with Balor and Rollins, Balor's main weakness and why aligning him with Anderson and Gallows could help with that, why Ric Flair is already wrong in claiming a cruiserweight will never headline a Wrestlemania, thoughts on the revelation that part-time performers are NOT subject to WWE's Wellness Policy, the biggest negative of SmackdownLIVE, Dolph Ziggler getting a title shot at Summerslam and why the Kevin Nash idea can still work, what to do with Shelton Benjamin upon his return, NO WAY JOSE impresses on NXT, why Will Ospreay may be hurting his chances of ever going to WWE, Lucha Underground coming back sooner than expected, CATRINA'S NEW MOVE GETS A NAME, the REAL attendance for Wrestlemania 32 revealed, why Vince Russo is both right and very wrong when he says putting the WCW title on David Arquette was a success, and BUY OR SELL as a bodyguard, Diesel or Chyna?

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