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SOUND OFF 451 breaks down the entire WWE DRAFT, including why Smackdown did not lose out to Raw as badly as some think, thoughts on Mick Foley and Daniel Bryan as GMs, the big thing the format was missing, changes to the announce teams, why AJ Styles coming to WWE has been one of the great stories of 2016, praise for American Alpha, Cesaro's shoot and why it doesn't matter if it was planned or not, Kalisto murders a promo and then RUNS AWAY, predictions for WWE BATTLEGROUND and who Sasha's mystery partner may be, suggesting a stipulation for Zayn vs. Owens, why WWE is making a mistake if they don't suspend Brock Lesnar, ranting on a ludicrous concussion lawsuit filed against WWE and you won't believe some of the names on this list, thoughts on the ULTIMA LUCHA finale and coming up with a name for Catrina's new move, why Paul Heyman is the greatest storyteller in wrestling history, wrestling themes so bad they're good and reading the lyrics to Billy Gunn's ASS MAN, British Bulldog's "trap door" injury in WCW and BUY OR SELL on the bigger achievement, Warrior beating Hogan or Brock Lesnar ending The Streak?

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