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SOUND OFF 448 predicts who will win the Brock Lesnar vs. Mark Hunt fight at UFC 200 next weekend and talks the latest on Jerry Lawler returning to Smackdown, the absurdity of WrestleCon bringing in Jimmy Snuka as a guest, Batista interview highlights and why his last run with WWE didn't work, rumors of a Roman Reigns redemption storyline and why it's a terrible idea, the past WWE Diva that Dana Brooke reminds me of and why she belongs in NXT, thoughts on Steve Austin's comments critical of WWE and why they need to introduce a LITTLE BIT OF ANARCHY into the show, why Andrade Cien Almas needs a makeover on NXT, praise for THE FINAL DELETION that TNA is hyping for Impact this week with the Hardys, Sexy Star done with Lucha Underground, thoughts on Vince Russo's revelation that he lobbied for jobs with Destination America and Pop TV as a consultant for Impact, how Stephanie McMahon can put the Randy Savage rumors to rest once and for all this fall, who should induct The Rock into the Hall of Fame, has Hulk Hogan ever taken a back body drop, why did Shawn Michaels comically oversell for Hogan at Summerslam, why would someone fake two Twitter accounts for Bobby Heenan and his wife, and DING DONG THE WITCH IS DEAD - Nancy Grace's show is coming to an end!  We'll celebrate and recap all the times she was an absolutely horrible person.

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