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SOUND OFF 430 is over TWO AND A HALF HOURS with a full WWE Roadblock review, news on Wrestlemania 33 and a physical Hall of Fame, the Hulk Hogan/Gawker trial and why Brutus Beefcake is so upset, praise for the tag title match and Jericho turn on Raw, thoughts on Big Bossman going into the HOF and his role in perhaps the worst WWE title match in history, Kurt Angle's final TNA match disappoints in the ratings, Ken Anderson makes an ass out of himself, the Lucha Underground star that WWE may be trying to sign, the push of Bobby Lashley in 2007 and similarities with the push of Roman Reigns in 2016, NXT talents not wanting to get called up and the cautionary tale of Tyler Breeze, explaining how WWE inflates the attendance for Wrestlemania, why Eric Bischoff taking credit (or blame) for the Starrcade 1997 finish makes no sense, the WCW countdown features a NEW YORK KNOCKOUT, and thoughts (with fair warning about spoilers) on 10 CLOVERFIELD LANE!

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