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Solomonster talks ESPN covering WWE, how the U.S. title has surpassed the WWE title because Seth Rollins is a chump and John Cena never really left the main event, Roman Reigns' disastrous night in Chicago and why he shouldn't speak for the next 6 months, possible heat on Rusev and Lana and why WWE is hypocritical for it, pitching a Sheamus/Wade Barrett tag team, the partnership between NXT and EVOLVE, thoughts on the debut of NIA JAX and why people need to lay off her weight, the REAL reason why TNA canceled their Hardcore Halloween tour, Alberto El Patron possibly gone from Lucha Underground, thoughts on Gabe Sapolsky as a promoter, would Hulk Hogan still be recognized as a legend without his WCW run and WWE return, and BUY OR SELL on Ultimate Warrior (1990) or Bill Goldberg (1998)?

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