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Solomonster opens with LOTS of thoughts on Triple H's interview with Steve Austin, including WWE's obsession with finding THE GUY and why building up more than one wouldn't be such a bad thing, his comments on Chyna and the Hall of Fame including the number one reason she deserves to be inducted (and exposing a fatal flaw of Triple H's career in the process), why his excuse for her not being in doesn't hold water and the REAL reason she isn't already in, marveling at how full of crap he is with his comments on CM Punk, and why the NWO was far more influential than DX.  Plus, how WWE just made things that much harder on Roman Reigns, pitching an idea for Miz and Mizdow at Wrestlemania, HIGH PRAISE for both NXT and Lucha Underground this week, and the story behind Vince McMahon's loyalty to Kevin Dunn.

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