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Thanks to everyone who helped the Sound Off win "Show of the Year" honors in the 2015 Wrestling Radio Awards!  Your reward is a PACKED two-hour show with a bold Super Bowl prediction and more, including:

*Why I can look back and now call this year's Royal Rumble match the worst I've ever seen
*WWE Network hits one million subscribers, but who are they counting in that number?
*Three questions I would like to see Stone Cold ask Triple H on his live podcast
*An enjoyable Raw studio show and a GREAT final segment with Lesnar and Reigns
*What frustrated me the most about the Sam Roberts interview with Roman Reigns
*Why I'm NOT at all happy about a possible Dolph Ziggler/Daniel Bryan match at WM31
*Triple H's big announcement on Raw this Monday -- what could it be?
*Hulk Hogan gets caught in a lie (surprise surprise!) on the WWE Network
*TNA spoils a major debut on their own website and why the signing may pay off
*Mark Madden says WWE doesn't believe in Daniel Bryan, but is it his own fault?
*Does WWE have a racism problem when it comes to African-American performers?
*The story behind why Bret Hart and Lex Luger co-won the 1994 Royal Rumble

This is a free show, but your support is always appreciated through PayPal donations or signing up for a free 30-day Audible trial at
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