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Solomonster opens the show paying tribute to the late Tim Roberts a/k/a Tim Arson, the ECW Zombie, who passed away this week.  From there, it's an absolutely stacked show covering:

*NJPW WrestleKingdom 9 thoughts, including Jim Ross and Matt Striker's performances
*The WWE announce team shakeup and why in the long run, it really doesn't matter
*Rumors of a "soft brand split" in WWE, why it's a terrible idea and how to do it right
*Reviewing an ugly edition of Monday Night Raw (16,000 people on Facebook agree!)
*Why adding Seth Rollins to the title match at Royal Rumble is a positive move
*How WWE is sabotaging Roman Reigns with these AWFUL promos
*Why The Ascension pissed a lot of people off this week, and not in a good way
*Why the "John Cena Appreciation Night" segment was so damaging and fell flat
*Thoughts on TNA's debut on Destination America, which wasn't much of a fresh start
*Live thoughts (and spoilers) from TNA's NYC tapings, including Jeff Hardy's scary bump
*Billy Gunn tweets The Young Bucks who respond with the best answer of all time
*Would a Hulk Hogan heel turn have worked in WWE in the early 1990's?
*When and how should you tell a young wrestling fan that it's not real?

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