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It's the first Sound Off of the new year and Solomonster is under the weather, but we've still got a packed show talking Christian's retirement and WWE's handling of it, why he was one of the most under-appreciated guys on the roster and recommending some of his best matches.  Plus these topics:

*Daniel Bryan's return and why it's bad news for Roman Reigns
*Why Bryan should NOT have been saved as a surprise for the Rumble match
*Pitching the idea of Brock Lesnar wrestling on Raw the night after WrestleMania
*WWE's massive problem of booking matches that cannot have clean finishes
*Praise for Ryback's promo on Raw and WWE's attempt at character development
*Should Ryback end Rusev's undefeated streak?  Pitching a possible NXT name, too
*Cesaro's poor promo on Monday and renewed anger over their booking of the guy
*Big Show shines on commentary and suggesting one possible replacement team
*JBL makes an ass out of himself on Twitter (and gets very defensive with fans)
*The return of The Authority - was it too soon?  Why bring them back at all?
*Thoughts on WWE revising their talent contracts with a one year non-compete
*Calling out the brain-damaged folks who think working with Cena benefited Bray Wyatt
*Suggesting a modern day version of the "Smackdown Six" from the current roster
*Did Ric Flair's departure in 1993 ruin plans for WrestleMania IX?

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