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*The reason Michael Elgin lost the ROH Title to Jay Briscoe and what his future holds
*A scathing rant on Raw and WWE's insistence on insulting its viewers week after week
*Why the Throwing Up Bella segments were so terrible... but I never told anyone
*One of the worst Divas "matches" in history ensures I will never watch Total Divas
*WWE's failed publicity stunt with Michael Sam, promptly disregarded for JERRY SPRINGER
*NXT Takeover predictions and thoughts on the upcoming debut of KENTA
*Thoughts on Lashley's Bellator victory and an embarrassing pro wrestling angle in MMA
*THANK GOD FOR IMPACT THIS WEEK (never thought I'd hear myself say that)
*Praise for Gail Kim and Taryn Terrell, despite one insanely dangerous spot in their match
*The difference between casual and hardcore fans when it comes to the "face" of WWE
*Does Chyna belong in the Hall of Fame, and who will be the next Diva induction?
*Favorite makeshift tag teams in WWE history
*Cee Lo Green wins for "Sad Tweet" this week for some absurdly stupid comments

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