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*Summerslam thoughts with Brock Lesnar destroying John Cena to take the WWE Title
*Running down a list of potential opponents for Lesnar between now and WM31
*If Rollins cashes in soon, could you buy into a HIAC title match with Rollins and Ambrose?
*Updates on Kurt Angle/WWE and Daniel Bryan possibly needing Tommy John surgery
*Thoughts on the excellent Shield documentary on the WWE Network
*Issuing a challenge to WWE on its overuse of the DISTRACTION ROLLUP finish
*Could Dean Ambrose end up being THE GUY over Roman Reigns?
*Syfy website spoils likely start date for Smackdown on Thursday nights
*TNA gets a stay of execution on Spike TV, but is their fate already sealed?
*The latest on Bully Ray leaving TNA and is there value in one final WWE run?
*Calling out a listener attacking me for favoritism when it comes to title defenses
*Should Mr. Perfect and Kurt Angle have had a match at WrestleMania 18?

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