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*What led to WWE firing Alberto Del Rio and where he may end up next
*Smackdown possibly moving back to Thursdays, what it means for TNA and NXT
*Raw is $9.99 and why all of their network plugs may end up backfiring on them
*A scathing rant on the lack of follow-up in the Woods, Kingston, Big E storyline
*Why it makes Raw a bad television show
*Surprise guests at Hulk Hogan's birthday bash this week, could Sting be one of them?
*Sharing some HILARIOUS Hulk Hogan tall tales that he's told over the years
*Eva Marie has a match on NXT and, well... it doesn't go well
*Live thoughts from Tuesday's Impact tapings in NYC (SPOILER ALERT)
*Bully Ray puts Dixie Carter through a table, TNA celebrates with a press release
*Detailing the issues between Triple H and Chris Jericho when Y2J came to WWE
*What are some of the more disrespectful crowd chants at wrestlers?
*This week's Sad Tweet from @TheRock after his mother is struck by a drunk driver

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